We are

Mixed talents, shared values and purpose, makes Singular team unique.

Our team combines specialists in strategic areas of law, studies in the best Mexican and foreign institutions, experience, knowledge and highest-level technical capacity.

Nevertheless, we are convinced that the organizational culture that inspires us, added to the experience learned from our successes, mistakes, challenges and results is the key factor that distinguishes us.

Values and culture

We are moved to share our Singular values and culture

Pursuit of excellence

We have a high level of knowledge and technical capacity. We question ourselves positively and intelligently. We are passionate about taking care of details.

True value

Effective and appropriate support that gives the client a competitive advantage.


Reliance and respect within the group, and in our interaction with others. Our word is worth. Ethics and congruence sustain us.

Transforming enthusiasm

We bet with passion to our abilities and we remain sensitive to change. In the presence of challenges and difficulties, we look for options and alternatives.


We know what moves us and our customers. We are accountable for our responsibilities. We also enjoy what we do, without losing the sense of responsibility.

Shared growth

We are open to give and receive constructive criticism that adds value to the team and our customers. We share knowledge and experience. We have an open, direct and proactive communication.

Always moving forward

Challenge us with new demands of courage and strength. We celebrate our mistakes and failures, and we humbly acknowledge our successes.