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We know that companies and businesses prefer to invest their time in achieving their commercial priority objectives, rather than in managing different legal issues that they face. Likewise, many companies are not aware of regulations that they must comply with, and it’s not in their priorities to allocate resources to have an efficient and quality internal legal department.

Cristacurva®, a leading company in the creation and design of glass products and solutions for the construction industry, saves time and resources using the Singular Flex® plan that we designed for its legal needs, which includes review, development and support in the negotiation of agreements with clients and suppliers, advice on commercial matters, corporate governance, brands, and the hiring and termination of personnel.



Edificio cristales

The Griffin legend

Destilería Santanera, a company that is evolving the tequila industry by giving priority to quality and the art of making tequila, faced the challenge of protecting its industrial property assets in an appropriate manner, both in Mexico and the United States of America. Like the mythological creature known as “The Griffin” that keeps the treasure of Santanera®, our specialized solutions in the field of industrial property have served to strategically protect the different elements and ideas that support the image, identity and intangible assets of Santanera®.

At Singular, we are proud to help preserve the legend of the Santanera® Griffin.

Destilería Santanera

Industrial Property
specialized services

Breaking Walls!

A foreign company from the food and beverage industry, sought to partner with its counterpart in Mexico to create a new company that would grow the production and global market of both organizations.

To achieve the alliance, Singular designed and implemented a corporate structure that covered the interests and concerns of both parties, and provided the legal security sought for their investments. Also, Singular supported the new company with the process of acquiring key assets in its industry, resulting in savings of time and resources for the start of its operations.

We are inspired to break the walls facing global investments.


Corporate transactions
specialized services

Cerrando tratos

Patrimony builder

Through Singular Project® we have coordinated many projects in legal matters, ensuring the achievement of our clients’ goals. Such is the case of Rocher Holdings, a leading company in real estate development sector that sought to solve the legal requirements of its different developments in a timely and efficient matter with predictable prices.

With Singular Project®, we were able to provide a solution for these legal requirements, allowing the management team of Rocher Holdings to dedicate valuable time to their business goals and fulfill their commitments with investors and clients.

At Singular, we are passionate about helping transform projects into patrimonial realities.

Rocher Holdings