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Who we are?

Singular Law is a law firm focused on helping your company succeed, solving challenges it may face through our wide range of areas of expertise.

Leaving the traditional behind, Singular Law focuses on assisting clients in any and all corporate and labor matters, not just from the legal point of view.

Singular guarantee

At Singular Law we have developed a methodology based on design thinking that help us identify opportunities, risks and every possible outcome of our customer's actions, that guarantee delivering the best solutions that make their business grow.

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Contact us by phone, email, LinkedIn or schedule a virtual meeting with us.

Step 2

We'll make a diagnosis of your problem and get our team working on the design of the best possible solution.

Step 3

You'll get a specific budget and workplan describing how we're going to help, when the solution will be ready and how much is it going to cost.

Step 4

You'll have our best experts working on the proposed solution helping you grow your business.

Pioneers that are revolutionizing their industries with the help of Singular Law

Holding Company
Century Fasteners Corp.
Mouser Electronics
FCTA México
Software group
EFC international

Av. Paseo Royal Country 4596, Piso 12B, Torre Cube 2, Col. Puerta de Hierro, Zapopan, Jalisco, México, C.P. 45116

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Map data ©2022 INEGI

We’re ready to help you

Let our team of professionals take care for you