Terms and Conditions


Within our website or by any of our platforms, we provide the Terms and Conditions that apply to all services directly or indirectly offered by the firm of legal solutions Singular Companies S.A. de C.V., who hereinafter will be named Singular Law Group to any of the Users.

In these Terms and Conditions, the term User means any person who requests any service from Singular Law Group, either directly or indirectly, or uses of the web platform or any media where Singular Law Group information appears.

Singular Law Group reserves the right to modify the Terms and Conditions at any time without providing notification to any User. It is of the utmost importance that the User carefully reads this document, since a tacit acceptance of it is made when a service/legal solution is requested or by using any of the media or means of use, including the web platform.

If you do not agree with this document, it is advisable that you leave the web platform or express your will by sending an email to the following email address: contacto@singularlaw.mx, where you specify which part of the terms and conditions you do not agree with.

The use of the web platform is not authorized for minors; therefore, their tutors are responsible for the acts that they carry out

Information and content of the web platform

The purpose of having a web platform is so that the User can see all the necessary information of Singular Law Group, with the only purpose of sharing data such as practice areas, contact form, office location, Singular Law Group team, etc. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to use any type of information found on the web platform, unless a previous authorization signed by one of the founding partners of Singular Law Group.

Actions to be taken against the User

It is the responsibility of the User to respect and to not use of any type of information that is public on the web platform or any other media, if the User makes use this information such as; copyrights, photographs, brands, codes, texts, etc. Singular Law Group reserves the right to take the necessary measures as a result of the damages suffered in its patrimony because of the use of information by the User.

At any time, Singular Law Group may unilaterally deny the access to the web platform or the provision of any legal service to any User without prior notification, and without any liability for Singular Law Group.

Responsibility of Singular Law Group

Singular Law Group does not guarantee that its web platform is free of programming errors or viruses. In addition, Singular Law Group makes the information available to the User on the web platform with the intention of informing, so it does not guarantee that it accomplishes a purpose other than informing.

Information on the web platform or on any other means of dissemination of information used by Singular Law Group should only be considered as informative, never as a legal advice or recommendation, therefore, Singular Law Group is not responsible for any use of such information from the User, being exempt from any responsibility.

The communications made through the web platform at no time will be taken or considered as a client-attorney relationship or service provision.


When accessing the website or any of the Singular Law Group platforms, these Terms and Conditions will be tacitly accepted, therefore Singular Law Group may use of the information generated by the provision of legal services for its benefit.

In addition, Singular Law Group will be able to use all the information of the company, such as, but not limitative to: the logo of the company, the brand, success stories, testimonies, etc. manifesting.

In case of not agreeing with this, the client must send an email to the following email address: contacto@singularlaw.mx stating their disagreement and their disapproval of Singular Law Group using their information.

There is no guarantee for the expected result

Singular Law Group does not guarantee that the User will obtain the result that has been planned either by the User, Singular Law Group or by both parties, since there are many factors that can be external to the legal solution, so the User will not have the right to demand any liability from Singular Law Group.

Acceptance of Legal Services

Since Singular Law Group slogan is “The Evolution of the Legal Service“, it focuses on having more practical and expeditious relations with Users or clients, so it does not sign a Contract for the Provision of Services with its clients (there may be exceptions). Therefore, the service proposals or quotations that were sent to the User will be understood as accepted and the User will then be obligated to pay for the consideration of services in any of the following circumstances (they are established enunciative but not limitative way):

  • Acceptance through email.
  • Acceptance by phone call.
  • Acceptance through text message or WhatsApp.
  • Acceptance through conversation with the User or client.
  • Acceptance when a part of the total amount is paid.
  • Acceptance when the legal solution is required.

Interpretation methods of Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions will be interpreted under the Mexican laws and all international treaties that Mexico has ratified and forms part of. For any doubt or comment regarding the terms and conditions of Singular Law Group please contact us through the following email address: contacto@singularlaw.mx.

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